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Each year the club pledges proceeds from its fundraising activities to charities chosen by a committee of members. For our 2019-2020 Benvenuto season the chosen charities are:

  • Portofranco provides one to one help to students with difficulties at school. They support children who would otherwise be on their own after school with parents working and they help older students get into a university or obtain employment.
  • LILT‘s (Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori) primary objective is to disseminate the culture of prevention and early diagnosis in the field of oncology. It also includes the prevention of social and psychological discomfort related to the disease.
  • Fondazione Theodora Onlus brings moments of joy to hospitalised children, taking care of their “healthy” side, with special visits by Dottor Sogni – professional artists commissioned and trained to work in pediatric wards.

The 2019 International Christmas Bazaar

It was our largest fundraising event in our history.  Over 16,000 euros was raised for our charities!  We could not have done it without the support of everyone.  From those who planned the event, donated their time and services, and participated in the event we cannot thank you enough. We look forward to the 2020 International Christmas Bazaar!

Christmas Bazaar 2019 Chair Report

Sahar Behairy, Chair of Organizing Committee

On Saturday November 23rd, in the beautiful venue of the Hilton in Milan, we all gathered to witness and celebrate the success of Benvenuto International Christmas Bazaar 2019.

The Christmas Bazaar is our biggest fundraising event of the year, an inspiring event which proves that no matter the tradition or culture, one thing never changes: the love of giving, caring and sharing. This in essence constitutes the spirit of Christmas, which surrounded us during every moment preparing for this bazaar.

I am truly thrilled for the second time in a row we were able to have the participation of wonderful people from various countries and traditions, through the diplomatic corps here in Milan and international community, alongside our loyal Benvenuto participants. A very special atmosphere was created indeed. The day was amazingly festive with tables covered in all sorts of authentic decorations, national costumes, products and delicious foods, all in all what was an enjoyable event for all of us and I am sure we will all cherish these memories.

The event’s great success and remarkable achievement is a direct reflection of all the hard work and dedication put in by everyone who has supported the Bazaar, and who worked tirelessly to make the event a reality.

Behind every remarkable success, there is a group of extraordinary individuals, a group that I proudly call my ‘Dream Team’ – the Christmas Bazaar Organizing Committee, who worked hard together throughout the past 5 months, supporting each other to ensure positive outcomes. Our mission this year was to identify and secure a beautiful venue with an accessible location, invite many international participants that reflect the nature of our club, and raising a good amount of funds to enable us to support this year’s chosen charity projects, and so we did.

Christmas is celebrated by giving the light of love to those who need it most, we are so proud to announce raising 16,115 Euros at the Bazaar, the total amount will be donated to our three chosen Charities in a special ceremony.

I would like to express our appreciation and thanks to the Hilton Milan for hosting our event with outstanding generosity, special thanks goes to The Director of Sales, Erisina Pennino; Sales Executive, Lucrezia Terracciano; Head of Marketing, Giorgia Aquati and Kristina Strano from the Hilton Business Center for their support and for ensuring the smooth management and exclusive services on the day of the event.

My sincere gratitude to all Benvenuto members and their guests, without your attendance and contribution we wouldn’t have reached our goals, thank you all.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Board members for their support and dedication ensuring that our Bazaar has gone from strength to strength.

For the organization of Benvenuto International Christmas Bazaar edition 2019, we would like to thank each person who took on their role with enthusiasm and determination. Our participants from consulates were extremely generous with their time and contribution despite their busy schedules and commitments.

General Consuls, spouses and staff

Honorary Consul of Iceland, head of table: Mrs. Olga Clausen

General Consulate of Turkey, head of table: Mrs. Ana Luisa Maya Uludüz freepik

General Consulate of India, head of table: Mrs Deepa George

Genral Consulate of Japan, head of table: Mrs. Takkako Amamaiya

General Consulate of Egypt, head of table: Mrs. Heba Bayoumi

General Consulate of Austria, head of table: Mrs. Baharak Riahi-pour

General Consulate of Kuwait, head of table: Mrs. Saikha Alrshaid

General Consulate of UAE, head of table: Miss Chiara Montanari

General Consulate of Pakistan, head of table: Zahida Manzoor

General Consulate of Bulgaria, head of table: Miss Irena Todorova

General Consulate of Bangladesh, head of table: Mrs. Eliza Sultan


Tables and head of tables

Jewellery, Mrs Bruna Laviani

Italian Table, Mrs.Vittoria Grandi

USA Table, Mrs.Teri McMahon

Oriental Abroad, Mrs. Nawal Flippone

French table, Mrs. Irma Rega

Personal Image Table, Mrs. Adriana Telvi

Perfume table, Mr. Essam Fathalla


Bazaar Organising committee

Lana Pikuz – Treasurer

Fiona Betournay – Secretary

Adrinne McCartney – Graphic Designer

Silvia Cossa – Logistics

Sabine Ehlert – Raffle Prizes

Sule Bolgi – PR

Lola – Front desk

Jennifer McHerron

Raffle team

Jennifer McHerron

Anna Marchesi

Monica Nava

Anna Ehlert

Nada Ihab

Sonia Dat Stubblebine

Pilar Vivian Stennis

Janna Moussa

IT & media

Enrico Kerim Maupoil


Youssef Ihab

Front desk team

Siobhan O’Connor

Isabel Margulies

Gudrun Herzog

Laura Rey

Lina Aguilera

Chiara Schuster

Adrienne McCartney

Suzie Gragg

Naina Pathak

Françoise Decaillet

Cecilie Astrup

Aimee Voisard

Camille Mason

Paula Gamboa

Lunch Buffet

Egyptian Main courses from General Consul of Egypt

Salad, General consulate of Kuwait

Antipasto, General consulate of Turkey,

General consulate of Pakistan

Dessert, Notre Dame, Sule Bolgi