Community Service

Each year the Club pledges proceeds from its fundraising activities to charities chosen by a committee of members. For our 2018-2019 Benvenuto season the chosen charities are:

  • Le Vele helps young children and teenagers from difficult family situations. They are educated on the grounds of their cascina/farm, given lunch and supervised after school. Older children are given training in various professions and are helped to find employment.
  • Portofranco provides one to one help to students with difficulties at school. They support children who would otherwise be on their own after school with parents working and they help older students get into university or obtain employment.
  • LILT‘s (Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori) primary objective is to disseminate the culture of prevention and early diagnosis in the field of oncology that also includes the prevention of social and psychological discomfort related to the disease.
  • Esercito Della Salvezza (Salvation Army) of Milano fights for social justice and promotes personal empowerment through education, legal support, free medical checks, parenting support, life coaching, and so much more.