Meet the Board

Fiona for President Hello to you all from Milan. I am British but have been living in Milan for over 20 years and for most of them I have been a member of the Benvenuto Club. Being a member has helped me find new friends and a new life in Italy, learn the language and understand the culture. I firmly believe that you should also give back to those that have helped you. I have previously held the posts of Secretary and Vice President and now I am privileged to take on the post of President. I am looking forward to providing a fun year for our existing members and to welcoming newcomers to the club.

eve-g1Hello! I am from New York City and moved to Milan in 2013. Over the past year, I’ve connected with fantastic women of all ages through the Benvenuto Club. As the Newcomers Director, I look forward to welcoming this year’s newcomers to Benvenuto, and I’m always happy to give tips about Milan and living in Italy to those club members arriving from abroad. Please reach out to me if you would like to attend a drop-in coffee or if you have any questions about joining the club.


Vice President

Gail Snedeker


Ulrike Hachmoeller

Public Relations- Recruitment & Events

Sarah Tarves

Benvenuto Magazine Editor

Sule Bolgi


Judith Vinkesteijn

Membership Director

Vicki Shafer Schroeder

Special Activities

Monica Vinci

Public Relations-Fundraising

Community Services